Unfiltered Brown Girl

Take a breath; let it out, and feel the energy of change that comes with supporting a Brown Queen on her journey of self discovery.

Let the soulful vibe of pride, along with the fight for justice inspire you. I am here to bring life to things we all want to say.  Let me bring the passion of change to apparel. You never know, you might find your favorite Self Love item. 

Oh Darling, but don't stop there, have an idea? Need some apparel made? I do that too! Send me an email with your wants and desires. 


Inside Unfiltered Brown Girl

Unfiltered Brown Girl was a thought, that turned into and idea, that is now my reality. 

While protesting in Minneapolis the first few weeks of George Floyd, my energy was open to so many people that looked and felt like me. In this moment, I knew that I had a voice for change. Each item that I create and sell comes with inspiration form current events happening to black and brown people. 

If we continue to wear message in the forefront, we will never have the chance to be silent. 


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Dubuque, Ia 52003


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